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Travel makes us better, more emphathetic people and we need that more than ever


Reading the news and scrolling through social media over the last few years has brought a few emerging themes to the forefront. Many people are craving connection and seeking new adventures with their loved ones.


The easiest way for people to do both of those things is by traveling; you learn an immense about yourself and those you love when you travel, that creates memories and strengthens bonds between people. Traveling the world and living how the locals do, increases our understanding and compassion for other people.


This world is an incredible place, and the people in our lives are truly gifts. Helping families see the world and grow closer to each other is a dream come true for me. 



My name is Melanie

After getting laid off, I realized I had been stuck in a job that I had stopped loving some time ago. I put some thought in to what my next move was going to be and I knew I had to do something I loved. Organization, research, culture, history, learning, planning and travel are things that I enjoy and fit perfectly with one career - being a Travel Advisor! I took the dive to start Sweet Sights Travel and I haven't looked back.


​I got bit by the travel bug back in my twenties when I moved to Jaén, Spain for an international exchange during my undergraduate degree and got to experience a taste of Western Europe. I just knew I had to go back. I've been back a few times, expanded my travels to the Caribbean, Morocco, Central America and new parts of the United States. I can't wait to continue my journey around the globe.


​I believe that world travel expands our global perspective, which increases our understanding of other cultures; we need this compassion more than ever these days so I love being a small part of opening peoples' eyes to the beauties around the world.



A thoughtful, well designed travel experience requires a bit of resourcefulness, a keen attention to detail, some tech-savvy and most of all a commitment to top quality outcomes. As a professional accountant for over 20 years, I've combined my life-long career experience with my passion to make travel dreams come true.

As a professional travel consultant, I provide the value, expertise, and connections you'd expect from any of your trusted professionals. Put me to the test, I'll make your next travel experience a welcome indulgence.


I'm here for you should you have questions or need help planning your next epic travel experience. Feel free to grab a spot on my calendar to get the ball rolling. I can't wait to chat with you!


Bon Voyage!


At Sweet Sights Travel, our name is generic - 

but our service is far from it.

We work incredibly hard for every client we serve, & we have a great time while doing it. With us, you can expect timely replies to all your questions, concierge-style service for your special requests, & a truly personal approach. 

To do that, we’ll kick things off with a complimentary planning call where we get down & dirty with the details, dishing about things like your dream destinations, your unique-to-you style, & the kind of memories you most want to make with your guests.



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