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Planning your destination wedding not sure where to start

  • Are you dreaming of the perfect wedding on the beach — but find yourself stuck and overwhelmed when it comes to researching for the most suitable resort, wrangling your guests, and nit-picky details?


  • Are you looking for a personable, detail oriented, and knowledgeable expert who can narrow down the options to find the absolute best location for you and your guests — a place that’s romantic, exquisite, intimate, and budget-savvy?


  • Do you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your personally-customized destination wedding is being handled by someone who has been in your shoes, and is also well-travelled?


Here's the reality. I know you're dreaming of the perfect day to celebrate your beach wedding with your loved ones. You're in either Mexico or the Caribbean... there are stunning views, warm sand, a gentle breeze flowing through your hair, your closest friends and family there to celebrate with you (or just the two of you, if that's what you want). This will all be followed by an exotic honeymoon that you'll be talking about for decades to come. But how are you going to plan this perfect day when work, and frankly just life, is busy? You may not have a clue on what country you should go to, or how to get the best deals, or how to plan for the what-ifs. But one thing you do know for sure: you aren't leaving it up to chance.


Whether you are planning to elope, or bring 200 of your closest family and friends, it is my job to understand you and your partner's desires, and then combine my extensive knowledge of the available destinations to make this dream event a reality.

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session where we'll find out exactly what you have in mind and if we're a good fit for each other.

Want to find out how we can help you save money, reduce stress & get money back from the hotel

Here’s how it works...

  • You pick a time that’s convenient for you in my calendar


  • During our 45-minute chat, we'll uncover your biggest struggles and your overall group dynamic


  • If I know I can help you plan your dream day, I’ll guide you through the next steps in working with me


I basically show you how I leverage my buying power so you save more money, reduce stress, and get money back from the resorts for planning your wedding with me.

Stop wasting time & money trying to figure out how it works and start planning

When you choose to work with me to plan your destination wedding, you get so much more than a traditional wedding planner... here's just some of what you can expect when we work together:


  • Education on terms, timeline, budget, and event planning so that everything makes sense


  • Save time and money with access to private vendors and travel agent pricing


  • Dedicated, personalized service for you and your guests, that you'll appreciate


  • Complete peace-of-mind knowing I handle the financial responsibility with the hotel


  • A detail-oriented "big sister" that will advocate to make your special day perfect!

If you're ready to check out what's possible for your picture perfect destination wedding, click the button below to schedule your complimentary 45-minute consultation today!

Sweet Sights is for couples that...

busy people that don't have enough time or energy to plan their perfect wedding

planning a destination wedding with a rough idea of their vision of what they want for it

don't want to deal with the stress & logistics of organizing their safe travel experience for their loved ones

someone with the experience & know-how in planning, organizing dream vacations with the vetted supplier list to match

looking forward to quality time with family & friends, not just a one-day, aesthetic event

Is that you?

Travel Stress - Minimized

Traveling, by nature, can be daunting, especially with the sometimes unexpected surprises, but we've mastered the secret to managing this stress: by being prepared.

We plan experiences that minimize the stress - every step of the way - by ensuring you know exactly what's to come next. All you have to do is dream your dream, make you choices & enjoy the ride.

From consultation to celebration,


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